Eggplants come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

Regular/Classic Eggplant

White Eggplant

Eggplants (Solanum melongena) are said to have originated in India about 2000 years ago.  They belong to the Solanaceae group, otherwise known as the nightshade family, which include items such as potatoes, tomatoes and bell peppers.   Eggplants come in  different sizes, shapes and colors.

Known as aubergines in France, eggplants have been a dietary staple in many cultures world-wide for hundreds of years.   They probably received their name, eggplant, when the smaller, white varieties were more prevalent.

Known for their smooth, glossy skin and vivid colors, eggplants are excellent source of potassium and fiber.  They posses many nutritional benefits and are becoming increasingly popular amongst U.S. consumers.


Intersting Facts About Eggplant
Source: The Packer Fresh Trends 2012 - Annual Consumer Survey

  • Households with children are more likely to purchase eggplant than households with none.
  • There is a strong correlation between eggplant purchases and household income.  The higher the income, the likelier the eggplant purchases. 
  • Organic product sales are increasing, yet the bulk of eggplants purchased were conventionally grown (71%).
  • According to the primary household buyers who were polled, those who were in their 40s were more likely to purchase eggplant than younger or older counterparts.