Before you start cooking, be sure to review our "How To Prepare" eggplant section.

Eggplant is a very healthy and versatile food.    Eggplant tastes somewhat bitter, but its sponge-like texture absorbs bolder, flavorful seasonings very well, which allows it to cook nicely and complement other ingredients in a wide arrange of meals.

Many people cook eggplant in meat-alternative recipes, including pasta dishes, desserts, soups or grilled vegetable casseroles.  Here you will find an abundance of delicious and easy to prepare eggplant recipes, from appetizers to entrees.

Eggplant Appetizers

Enjoy these delicious eggplant appetizers.


Eggplant Entrees

Serve these eggplant dishes for dinner, as prepared by Chef Noah Aguilar.



Before dinner, serve these soups to your guests.