Eggplants may be cooked with or without the skin, depending on your taste.  For cooking suggestions, please refer to our Eggplant Recipes section.  There you will find delicious and easy way to prepare eggplant such as the Roasted Chicken with Creamy Polenta and Grilled Eggplant recipe. 

Eggplants are available across US supermarkets year round.  When selecting eggplant, look for skin that is smooth, firm and free of blemishes like scars and bruises. Be careful when handing them. They should not be squeezed or poked since their skin is soft and very sensitive to pressure. Eggplant should also be maintained refrigerated to prolong shelf life. 

Select eggplant that is firm to the touch and whose skin is glossy and smooth.  If the eggplant is too soft, or if it presents wrinkled skin, this is an indicator of over maturity.  Older eggplants have a more bitter taste and have a substantially reduced shelf life.